Fungal Nail Infection, Verrucas & Ingrown Toenails

Fungal Nail Infection
Fungal nail infections are very common and the infection will start at the edge of the nail and if left untreated it will spread to the rest of the nail and could spread even to other toenails. Fungal infected nails can take a long time to treat, sometimes up to 1 year.

If your nails are discoloured (yellowish, brownish), are thick in growth and brittle, they are most likely infected. At some point, fungal nails will lift from the nail bed and you could loose part or whole nail.
Fungal nail treatment is included in the routine foot care treatment. On the day of appointment Yvonne will debride the infected nail, clean infected area and apply medicament of your choice and will then carry on with routine foot care treatment. 
The appointment generally takes up to 45 minutes and comes to £40 with an interval of 6 weeks. Advice of how to look after your feet in between appointments and after care will be given.

Verrucas are small lumps that often develop on the sole of the foot. They can be found singly or in clusters. Most people will have verrucas at some point in their life, they tend to affect children and teenagers more then adults. Verruca’s are caused by an infection with the human papilloma virus and are contagious. Common places to get infected are public swimming pools, gyms and shower trays.
Treatment length depends on each individual.

There are different treatment options available, which all will be discussed but the most common treatment at precious feet footcare is a treatment which involves an application of a chemical Silver Nitrate. Weekly appointments are needed to pare down verruca, followed by chemical application.

I like this option the best as its pain free and you can carry on living your life just as normal. It is safe to go swimming or any other barefoot activity as the chemical seals the infection and prohibited from spreading. Weekly appointment length is 30 mins and that will come to £20. Advice of how to look after your feet in between appointments and after care will be given.

Ingrown Toenails
An ingrown toenail is a common problem where the nail grows into the skin and breaks the skin. An infection can follow if left untreated. Signs of an infected ingrown toenail are, swelling, hot, red, pus coming out and you may feel hot or shivery. Most ingrown toenails happen due to wrong cutting of nails. Sometimes it runs in the family. Nails which are curved at the corners – involuted nails, can be pressing onto the skin but will normally not pierce it to cause an infection.
If you think you have an infected toenail, please visit your GP first before contacting me as you will need Antibiotics. 

The treatment for an ingrown toenail is included in the routine foot care treatment or on its own. It is always best to contact me as soon as you feel uncomfortable as a simple cotton ball pushed under the nail in the corner will help the nail to grow over and out of the corner. Once it has grown over the corner we need to cut your nail straight, leaving the corners alone. If that doesn’t do the trick then I will cut part of the nail and file the sharp edges. In some cases all what is needed is to clear and clean the sulcus which sometimes is quite deep and can accumulated socks fluff and hard dead skin which irritates the nail and surrounding skin. The treatment length for this appointment if it’s included in the routine foot care treatment lies by around 45 min and comes to £40 or if booked on it’s own appointment length will be 15-30 min. £20