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We often take our feet for granted.
Your feet deserve to be looked after too

Precious Feet Footcare, offers a professional foot care service, dedicated to the care of your feet and the treatment of all common conditions. I can care, treat and advise you, so that you can enjoy your feet for a lifetime.

Yvonne Obhiozele
Foot Health Practitioner


The very first visit will be longer than the routine treatment as I need to record details of your full medical history followed by an assessment of your feet. Findings will be discussed as well as any issues or concerns you may have before starting treatment. Depending on the condition of your feet the first visit will usually last around an hour. All treatment will finish with a comforting foot rub. Advice will be given on how to maintain the health of your feet in-between appointments.


We recommend our routine treatments every 6-8 weeks

  • Nail trimming & filing
  • Reduction of hard skin/callus
  • Removal of corns
  • Verruca, athlete’s foot and fungal nail treatment if required
  • Removal of dry skin & cracked heels
  • Comforting foot rub
  • Comfort & cushion padding if required
  • Ongoing maintenance & diabetic care advice
  • Discuss any issues or foot health concerns

Suffering from a fungal toenail infection, verrucas and/or ingrown toenails?

Treatment starts from £45

Footcare treatments

Regular/routine visit 1hr


Nail trimming & filing, reduction of hard skin/callus, removal of corns, verruca and fungal nail treatment, athlete’s foot, dry & cracked heels treatment. Comfort & cushion padding if required. Advised every 6-8 weeks

Trim, tidy & soften toe nails & feet 40mins


Nail trimming & filing, reduction of any hard skin/callus on feet. Advised every 6-8 weeks

Toenail re-construction per nail 40mins minimum


Discounted if more than 1 nail requires re-constuction. Perfect for a before holiday treat or maybe that special occasion where you would like to wear open toes or flip flops.

Diabetic footcare & Neuropathy assessment 30 mins


Diabetes sufferers are more vulnerable to foot problems, because diabetes can damage your nerves & reduce blood flow. We can advise on the best care for your feet.

Deluxe pedicure  1hr


Soaking your feet, file & shape toenails, exfoliation & massage, indulgent foot mask plus warm wax treatment, leaving your feet cotton soft. Ladies can choose a colour or french finish using Dr.’s REMEDY®, a blend of natural anti fungal ingredients and nourishing additives not found in common used nail polish. For the gents, a nourishing oil will be applied to your toenails encouraging healthy nail growth.

Shape & colour polish full set    30mins


Choose a colour or french finish using Dr.’s REMEDY®, a blend of natural anti fungal ingredients as well as, nourishing additives not found in common used nail polish or LCN Gel. Keeping your nails healthy.

Deep Hydration foot treatment   30 mins


Lovely moisturising foot mask & warm wax treatment.

Exfoliating foot treatment   30 mins


Indulging foot scrub to remove dead skin cells & mask leaving your feet cotton soft.

Fungal Nail Infection treatment – up to 45 mins

from £45

I will thin the infected nail, clean infected area and apply medicament. Advice of how to look after your feet in between appointments and after care will be given. Advised every 6-8 weeks

Fungal Nail Infection treatment Using the lacuna method

£50 per toe and per visit is £50 or as a package deal which covers 6 visit over 6 month for £300

  • Safe and pain free treatment
  • Using micro burrs to make micro holes in the nail plate, allowing the anti-fungal medicine to directly target the point of infection under the nail.
  • Daily application of an anti-fungal medicine will allow the nail to grow out healthily.


Verruca   up to 30 mins


Involves an application of a chemical Silver Nitrate. Pain free and safe.  Treatment every week until fully clear.

Ingrown Toenail   up to 30 mins


We look to relieve the pain/pressure and prevent further ingrown toenail with advice.



Mini manicure 30 mins


Dry cuticle work and traditional polish/gel polish or strengthening treatment

Standard manicure 45 mins


Soak, condition & remove cuticle, include hand and arm massage, buffing to nails, finish off with traditional polish/gel polish or strengthening treatment

Precious Manicure


Soak, condition & remove cuticle, Hand and Arm exfoliation, Hand and Arm mask, Hand and Arm massage, Moisturizing warm wax therapy, buffing to nails, finish of with traditional polish/gel polish or strengthening treatment

Gents treatments

Menicure Hands Only 45 mins


Menicure Hands & feet Only 1hr 30 min


I offer a mobile service or you can visit me at my dedicated treatment room in Oxford.

Precious Feet Footcare based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, offering a professional mobile footcare service dedicated to the care of your feet and the treatment of all common nail and foot conditions including: fungal toe nail infection treatment, verruca treatment, hard skin & callous removal, medical pedicures, toe nail rebuilds, regular toe nail cutting and diabetic foothealth advice.

Dear Yvonne, Just a little note to say a BIG thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me. My feet have never felt so good! I have actually been confident enough to show my feet by wearing sandals! I am using the foot cream as recommended and I feel the benefit already. Thank you so much, see you again soon.
Oxford client

Yvonne Obhiozele

Foot Health Practitioner

I offer a professional service dedicated the care of your feet and the treatment of all common conditions.

We often take our feet for granted; I am here to change that, so that you can enjoy your feet for a lifetime. Our feet are the scaffolding of our body and they deserve to be looked after. If you need any help to do this, I am the right person to care, treat and advise you.

I am very experienced when it comes to dealing with cross infection  control, safeguarding and customer service due to my background as  dental nurse for over 15 years. Working as a Foot Health Practitioner  and helping people to alleviate feelings of pain and discomfort, is both hugely satisfying and personally rewarding. I trained as a Foot Health  Practitioner with Stonebridge Associated College and I keep up my never ending learning with courses and lectures on a regular basis.

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my two boys and husband. I enjoy activities like walking, cycling, gardening and reading or sometimes  just relaxing and watching a good movie.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about me and my motivations for providing this service. I look forward treating your you!

All the best, Yvonne

I am a member of the Register for Foot Health Practitioners     Reg no. S261821

Proud member and student of

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I will get back to you once I am free. I have a treatment room at my home address or I can come to your home.

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I would highly recommend Yvonne, She is very professional, and gives great advice on foot care and management. She will be the first person I go to with any more nail or feet problems. Thanks Yvonne.
Jeanette McCarthy
I contacted Yvonne about my Veruca that I had for 9 years. I had appointments for a few weeks and now my feet look and feel wonderful. Yvonne is very professional and gentle. Would strongly recommend.
Julia Durrant
I contacted Yvonne after seeing her page shared on FB. Although I have regular pedicures, these do not treat painful toes because of shoes that rub, persistent, hard skin, etc. I now see Yvonne every 6-8 weeks to keep my toes in tip top condition and the hard skin at bay. She's also made a false nail for my big toe. The nail came off, due to a knock, and has just started to grow again. Now I can have my nails painted and my toes on show again. You won't regret making an appointment with Yvonne.
drive worm101
I love my sessions with Yvonne. She is so thorough and really loves to look after feet (thank goodness for me!). After having my last child, my feet were dry, cracked, sore and I had several corns. I needed an intervention so answered Yvonne’s leaflet that had come through my door. Desperate, she for me in quickly (I think she got back to me while she was on holiday). After one session, I felt like I could show my feet without being embarrassed and they were super smooth and hydrated. I’m a very happy customer.

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The services/treatment we can offer initially will depend on the guidelines at the time of opening.